Amaze Your Friends With The Newspaper Bottle Opener Trick

by Sheridan Cole 510 views0

We love bar tricks and this is one of the simplest, yet most impressive that you can use. It’s not a trick as such as there is no foolery, but in the crisis of no bottle opener it could save your party and get you a few drinks in the process. What could possibly be wrong with that?! You will need a newspaper – any newspaper. It will only work on the non-twist type crown bottle caps. These are the metal rounded tops with spikes around the edge – seen on most bottles of beer.

Step 1: The Newspaper

It doesn’t matter whether you use broadsheet or tabloid format. You will need two sheets of the paper, effectively eight pages. Fold it along the central crease first and then fold it in half the other way (basically, lengthwise and then width-wise).

Step 2: Roll

Roll it width wise. You need it as tight as possible so that it feels solid. If you simply roll it loosely as though you were going to use it to swat a fly, that will not be firm enough. Roll it all the way.

Step 3: Fold

Now that it is rolled nice and tightly, you want to fold it in the middle. You will find some resistance, but it will give. If it is too loose or too tight, unroll and go back to Step 2. Otherwise, you should find a hard spike of paper at the folded section.

Step 4: De-Cap

Put the sharp end of the fold beneath the lip of the crown cap, making sure that the spike goes beneath the lip. Angle the bottle for what you find most comfortable. Now, with as much force as you would apply to a bottle opener, push the rolled up newspaper upwards.

Step 5: Drink

The cap should come off easily. You will find it is not bent in the middle – this is ideal for those who like to collect bottle caps. All there is left to do is enjoy your beer!