Betting for Bitcoin Instead of Cash

by Sheridan Cole 501 views0

Betting is a big part of our culture these days, and getting bigger by the minute. Whether you’re betting on the General Election, or the FA Cup Final, there’s always a flutter to be had and a stake to be raised. But, perhaps you’re bored of the regular everyday forms of betting you’ve been used to thus far. You’re probably looking for a change and for something that little bit different.

If you’re bored of betting your friends with cash, and you want to up the stakes a little bit, why not start betting with Bitcoin? This is going to become more common over the next few years, and there are already plenty of Bitcoin casinos out there. And there will soon be Bitcoin bookies, so that’s pretty exciting! So we reckon you probably want to know more bitcoin gambling online.

Now, when it comes to betting for Bitcoin, you need to be careful because it’s all digital. It’s not as though you can hand over a coin or note like you would with regular currency. So, you will probably want to make sure you get the terms of the bet sorted before you actually cough up any cash.

Think about it, when it comes to betting or gambling with Bitcoin online you’re fine. This is because there are regulations and rules in place already. When you use a Bitcoin casino, there are a lot of procedures in place to make things safer and more secure. The whole essence of Bitcoin is based on better safety and security, and this is already built into the block chain.

But, if you have wagers with your friends, and you decide you’re going to bet for Bitcoin, not cash, then the rules will have to change slightly. See, you will need to make sure you get things down on paper and have a binding bet before you make a wager. Then whoever has lost can transfer the Bitcoin winnings to the other person’s account after the bet.

It’s important to make sure you understand as much as you can about betting with Bitcoin. It’s a rather different and more complex process than betting using regular currency. Once you get the ins and outs sorted in terms of security and safety, it will be a much smoother transition.