Bill From a Bottle

by Sheridan Cole 1,314 views0

This is a great trick to bet on, as not only do you win something from your friends but you win the money from the bottle too!

For this trick you will need a note, £5, £10, £50 the choice is yours, and a bottle- this trick works better if the bottle is one with a longer neck. The bottle needs to be an empty one!

So what happens? Well, place the note flat down on the table- smooth it out as much as you can. Turn the bottle upside down and place it on top of the money. The idea is to remove the note from underneath the bottle without knocking it over, touching the bottle or tearing the note, and whoever does this successfully gets to keep the money, which they can then go and double again at a casino… or just pocket it, whatever floats your boat.

So how can you impress your friends, complete the trick successfully and win the money? Well, whilst most people will think they way to do this is to remove the money by pulling it out from under the bottle as quickly as possible, they would be wrong. The technique that will work successfully is in fact rolling the note up until it pushes itself out from underneath the bottle. Of course, this still requires a steady hand so as not to knock the bottle over but will be the only method that works if done correctly!