Cigarette To Money

by Sheridan Cole 704 views0

With this unique magic trick, you will seemingly turn a cigarette to a note.

The trick involves borrowing a cigarette from an audience member and dipping it into a glass of beer. Remove the cigarette and shake the beer off. The cigarette has then turned into a monetary note!

So how can this be accomplished?

Prior to performing the trick, empty all of the tobacco from a cigarette. Take care NOT to damage the cigarette paper or the trick will not work. Take the note and roll it up inside of the cigarette. This is your dummy cigarette and should be concealed in your pocket somewhere.

Next, borrow a cigarette from the audience member- it should be the same brand as the cigarette you’ve just emptied so the trick works effectively. With the borrowed cigarette in your hand, reach into your pocket with the same hand to “grab a lighter”- during this move you must subtly switch the cigarettes over, so the one you pull out of the pocket is the dummy.

Following this, dip the cigarette into the beer, hold there for a few seconds then remove. Rub the cigarette in between your palms briskly and the cigarette paper will disintegrate, leaving the note in your hand. Your audience/friends will be amazed!