Colour Mind Reading Trick

by Sheridan Cole 2,616 views0

This is a trick that you can’t perform by yourself – you’ll need a friend who is in on the trick to assist you.

Select a participant from the audience. Ask them to think of an object and whisper it to your assistant. Your assistant must then ask you a variety of objects and will ask you if any of them are the one the participant is thinking about. Magically, you will get it right every time!

Here is how it works.

There is one secret to the trick: your assistant must always ask if the object is a coloured object immediately before asking the actual chosen object. E.g. is it the mug, is it the curtains, is it the blue pen is, is it the photograph (this is the chosen object). The coloured object is the indicator that the following object is the chosen one and so you will never get it wrong and will wow the audience continuously!