Crack an Apple Open With Your Bare Hands

by Sheridan Cole 528 views0

Haven’t you always wanted to look and feel like a strong person? You know you see those videos of people crushing empty cans in one hand, or crushing them on their foreheads? Well, how would you like to be able to achieve similar, but with that most popular of fruits, the apple?! This is a trick that allows you to crack an apple open with nothing but your bare hands.

Okay, so it’s more of an illusion rather than a trick, but you can claim it as a magic trick if you want! This is really all about how well you use the muscles you have in your hands. In fact, the way this trick works we’d wager most people could probably do it, but don’t tell them that!

This is a wicked trick to help you impress your friends, and maybe even win a few bets in the process. In fact, if you’re in the pub and someone happens to have an apple, this is a great ice breaker (assuming you’re approaching someone to hit on them), and an awesome way of making a fool proof bar bet.

This trick is all about the amazing way the human body works, and how we can use strength we never knew we had. The first thing you want to do is make sure you get an apple, and it should be a decent sized one. If the apple is too small this won’t work as a trick, so keep this in mind.

Once you’ve got the right apple, you need to start by getting rid of the stalk as this is going to be a hindrance to you. Now it’s time to prepare your hands for the trick, and it’s pretty amazing to think about. You are going to use the natural rolling motion your thumbs can provide to give you a great grip, as well as providing leverage at the same time.

The human body isn’t strong enough to simply break an apple in two, the laws of physics have to be applied. You need to get the fleshy parts of your thumbs and use them as levers. Manoeuvre them into the dip at the top so they can act as handles. Then, with the remainder of your fingertips, you’re going to wrap them around the bottom of the apple.

You’re going to push up with these fingers and pull out with your thumbs at the same time. This is going to use physics and power to pull the apple in two. You might not think it, but this genuinely works; though you may need to do it a few times in order to crack it (pun intended).