Cut Notes Trick

by Sheridan Cole 2,408 views0

For this trick, you will be showing your audience two bank notes, of any monetary value, front and back to prove that they are ordinary notes. Place them against each other back to back, lined up exactly and cut through the centre of them. The notes have then be cut into four halves. Open both halves of the notes to reveal the notes in their original condition, just like magic! Don’t worry, we won’t actually be cutting up your hard earned cash; you can save that for the blackjack table!

So how is it done? Well, you need to do a bit of preparation work prior to performing the trick to an audience. You’ll need some rubber cement, a type of rubbery craft glue that is quick drying and some talcum powder. Place the two notes down on the table and apply some rubber cement about half an inch wide in a thin layer down the centre of each note. When the first coat has dried, add a second thin coat and allow for this to dry too.

The next stage involves sprinkling talcum powder lightly over the areas where the rubber cement was applied. The talc needs to cover the whole area. Spread it evenly. Because of the talc, the notes will not stick to each other. This is important.

Now, on to the method. Show the audience the two already prepared notes- they will look no different so your audience will not know you’ve prepared them for the trick. Square up both the notes and make sure that the cemented areas on each note are touching each other. Hold one note between your thumb and pinky finger and one between your forefinger and middle finger of your left hand. With your right hand, cut through the dead centre of the notes. Make sure you cut through the cemented areas of the notes otherwise this trick will not work.

Take the halves from the right side in your right hand and the halves from the left side in your left hand. Shake the notes open and show the audience that they are no longer cut in half but are once more two whole notes. The audience will be astounded and will not be able to work out what has happened.

So what has happened? Well, thanks to the rubber cement, the halves will stick together at the cut edges! Sneaky!