Dice Tricks

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Bartender’s Psychic Dice Trick

For this simple trick you simply need three dice and a glass of water. Pick a participant from the audience/bar and ask them to drop the three dice into the glass of water. Following this, ask them to hold the glass up and add up the totals on the face of the dice visible through the bottom of the glass, remember the total and put the glass back down.

Then, for a little magician bravado, dip your fingers into the water whilst rubbing your temple and tell the participant the number that the dice totalled – you will, of course, be right.

So how does it work? Well, all you have to do is subtract the total of the dice faces facing upwards from twenty one. This works because the opposite sides of the dice add up to seven and seven multiplied by three is twenty one!

The Three Dice Guessing Trick

This trick requires- you guessed it- three dice and a little bit of simple maths. Select a participant from the audience and give them the three dice, a pen, some paper and a calculator if they struggle with maths. Ask your participant to roll the three dice, making sure you can’t see them, and then ask them to follow these simple steps…once they have done, you will be able to guess what numbers were thrown, just like magic! So, let’s use the numbers 3, 6 and 2 as an example.

– Multiply the number on the first die by 2 (this would make 6)

– Then add 5 to the resulting number (this makes 11)

– Multiply by 5 (this makes 55)

– Add the number on the second dice (this is six, so this would make 61)

– Multiply this number by 10 (this makes 610)

– Then add the number from the third dice (this is 2, so this would make 612)

– Finally, subtract the number 125 (this then totals 487)

Once this calculation has been completed, all you have to do is ask for the resulting number, subtract 125 and this will leave you with a three digit number- each digit is the number of each dice! So, continuing with the example above, 487-125 totals 362- and indeed, the original dice rolled were 3, 6 and 2!