Dragons Breath

by Sheridan Cole 2,010 views0

Prior to performing this trick you will need a matchbox, an ashtray filled up with some water, six coins of any kind and one glass.

The idea of the trick is to remove the water from the ashtray using no more than the glass, coins and matchbox to do so and without tilting or moving the ashtray in any way. Place bets with your friends who will of course fail to believe that you can do this- then prove them wrong!

So how do you do this trick successfully? Well, first you need to make sure the ashtray is only about a quarter full of water. This is the optimum amount for a successful trick. You then need to stack the coins one on top of the other in the centre of the ashtray. The top two coins should be protruding from the water. Then, take four matches from the matchbox and place them next to each other on top of the top coin, leaving them unlit. Turn to your audience and declare that you will now remove the water from the ashtray. Light all four matches at once and immediately turn the glass upside down over the coins and matches. Due to the heat, all the water in the ashtray will be drawn into the glass- and you win the bet! Thank you science for once again turning everyday people into magicians.