Egg Balance

by Sheridan Cole 1,698 views0

How can you go out for the evening with little to no money and still get as many drinks (or even a bit of cash) as you want? The answer is simple – you just have to learn a handful of fun bar bet tricks and persuade other people to try to work them out. If they can’t, they buy you a drink. And here’s the thing: nine out of 10 times, they won’t be able to work it out.


Take the egg balance trick, for example.


This is a great way to make people smile as they hand over their cash!


The only thing you need for this trick is, no surprise, an egg. Although to make the trick work it will need to be boiled and shelled. You’ll need a little salt too.


Pass the egg to the person you’re playing with, and ask them to balance it on the table or bar. Enjoy the look of smugness on their face because it sounds like a really very simple request. They’re sure they’re going to win this. But of course, the shape of an egg doesn’t actually lend itself to balancing, and it’s going to topple over every time.


Or is it?


Here’s how to show off and balance an egg perfectly every time.


First, pour a little salt onto the table and make it into a small mound, like a little heap. Carefully rest the egg on top of the heap of salt and voila! Balanced egg!


Alternatively, you can make this look like magic, but it will need a bit of preparation beforehand. If you’re doing it this way, you’ll need to find a table with a tablecloth on it. Sprinkle the salt beneath the tablecloth and pile it up before placing the cloth back down. The only thing you need to do is remember where the salt is so that you can quickly place the egg on top of it when you need to show your victim just how egg balancing is done like a boss!