Everlasting Cigarette Ash

by Sheridan Cole 3,182 views0

This is a good trick to place bets on as you can guarantee that you will win! Bet your friends that you can let a cigarette burn down it’s length without the ash falling off- something that should indeed be impossible. All you will need for this trick is an all metal paper clip- do not use a plastic one!

Prior to performing the trick, you need to prepare the cigarette you’re going to use in the trick. Take the paper clip and bend it out of shape, pulling it into as straight of a line as you can. Then, insert the paper clip inside of the cigarette. Just gently push it through the centre of the cigarette until it’s totally concealed. Then, when you perform the trick, thanks to a chemical reaction of sorts, the ash will stick to the paper clip as the cigarette burns. Your audience won’t believe their eyes and you will win your bet!