Floating Ketchup Trick

by Sheridan Cole 545 views0

You know what’s cool? Floating things. This is one of the simplest and most impressive forms of magic, and particularly good when you’re just starting out. So, you need to make sure you understand all forms of magic and how they work. The floating ketchup magic trick is one of the classics, and it’s just impressive today as when it was first invented.

This simple trick involves placing a sachet of ketchup inside a large bottle of water, and controlling the movements of the sachet using magic! So, what you’ll need for this trick is a ketchup sachet, a water bottle, and a captive audience. Friends or family will do nicely, and, if there are a few kids present, even better.

So, what is the secret? Well, it’s all about bottle work. We will explain more… Get the large bottle of water, it must be clear and pop the sachet into it. Make sure the bottle has a lid that you can screw on tightly. This trick is a classic exercise in misdirection, and you’re going to use some here to your advantage. So, you’ve put the sachet in, and put the lid on, right? Ready for phase two.

Now you’re going to pretend to focus on making the ketchup sachet obey you! You will stare at the bottle and get a little theatrical with your hand movements. But, the idea is to get people focusing on this, so they aren’t looking at your other hand. This is the hand that is around the bottle.

You will command the ketchup sachet to go down, and, as you do this, you’ll move your free hand down, as though controlling the sachet. But, your bottle hand will squeeze the bottle. This doesn’t need to be done very tightly, and it’s important not to draw attention, but you’ll need to do it enough to ensure the sachet sinks to the bottom. When you want the sachet to rise you simply release the pressure on the bottle and watch it go!

By practising you will be able to get to a point where you can get the sachet to stop on command. Thus it will give the impression of floating in the water at your very command. This is a neat trick and one you might want to practise a few times. Just make sure people don’t clock your bottle hand too soon, or the game will be up.