How To Win Heads or Tails EVERY Time!

by Sheridan Cole 788 views0

Heads or tails is a game of chance – or is it? There is a neat trick you can use to get it right every time. Amaze your friends, make a decision for the group or have your friends scratching their heads. However, you will need to choose the right type of coin.

Step 1: Find the Right Coin

You will need a coin where each side has a different texture. Anything too worn, too thin or too light may not work. You need something with distinct and distinguishable etchings. A £2 coin will work. If you use Euros, make sure you find a coin with a distinct feeling on both sides as they can differ greatly between each country’s issue. A coin with damage on one side is also useful.

Practice this method before trying it out on your friends.

Step 2: Flip the Coin

Toss it into the air as you normally would when flipping to make a decision based on chance. Instead of cupping your hand over it so you cannot feel the coin, you will need to lay the top hand flat against the back of your hand. The palm is more sensitive than the back of the hand.

Step 3: Call It

Be discreet about how you work out which symbol is facing up. As mentioned above, you will need to practice this a few times to get used to the coin’s texture. When you are confident that you know which way up it faces, call it.

Step 4: Repeat Until Your Friends Are Amazed

Your friends may work out what you are doing straight away, but keep repeating the trick until they work it out or demand to know how you did it.