Instant Beer Freeze

by Sheridan Cole 1,452 views0

Turn a drink- in this instance, beer- in to solid ice in front of your audience’s own eyes. To perform this trick successfully, place two bottles of beer on a table. Show your audience that these bottles have just been bought from the bar and are sealed and brand new etc. etc..

Open both of the bottles of beer and begin to pour some from one bottle into a glass. Then, show the half empty bottle to your audience. In a magical, magician-style way, make a dramatic gesture of tapping the full bottle against the rim of the half empty bottle and allow them to watch as the remainder of the drink transforms into ice right in front of their very eyes.

So, what’s the secret? Well, prior to performing this trick, you need to place both bottles of beer in the freezer- not the fridge, the freezer– for approximately two hours. You need to remove the bottles from the freezer just before the beer begins to turn to ice, so timing is something that needs to be practiced. It’s the tapping of the bottles that is key to this trick working- when you tap the bottles against each other, bubbles of co2 are released. This creates a scientific experiment of sorts- it creates something called a catalyst, and it’s this that makes the beer freeze so quickly. Your friends will be mystified but it’s all really just down to science.