Iron Grip

by Sheridan Cole 611 views0

Using a beer bottle with as flat a bottom as possible, place it upside down on the table (making sure it’s empty first!). Put your thumb on the side of the glass and either your middle finger or forefinger on the base of the bottle. Your thumb and finger should create an L shaped right angle. Now, pick up the bottle without using any other fingers or any other kind of aid and wow your friends at the extreme strength in your fingers.

Okay but how do you really perform this trick? Well, before performing you need to make sure you’re wearing a leather belt. Before picking up the bottle, you need to run your finger and thumb along it. Do this several times in a discrete way that no one will notice.

Doing this creates a level of dryness on your fingers that will make sure you are able to pick the bottle up with just your finger and thumb.