Jumbo Links Trick

by Sheridan Cole 446 views0

This trick is all about being able to attach two paper clips together without touching them – it sounds impossible but very soon you will be able to wow any audience with this simple trick.

For this trick you will need two large paper clips and a monetary note of any value. Pick up the note and fold the first third of it towards you. Then clip the fold that you’ve just made down with one of the jumbo paper clips. Next, fold the rest of the note away from you. Like before, clip the second fold you’ve made into place with the second jumbo paper clip. The note should now be folded up and essentially sandwiched between the two paper clips.

Next, grab the two edges of the note and gently pull them apart, away from each other, slowly and steadily. The paper clips will fall from the note and will be magically linked together!