Jumping Paper Clips

by Sheridan Cole 642 views0

You may have heard of the Jumping Paper Clips trick before. It’s a wonderfully fun and neat trick, and it can double up as a bar bet too! This is one of those tricks that’s great to teach to kids as well as adults. It’s such an easy trick, and you can pull it off with just a few simple materials.

All you’re going to need to perform this cool trick is a dollar bill and two paper clips. You may also want a large rubber band if you’re performing a variation of the trick. But, we will touch more on that towards the end of the article. This is a trick where two paper clips are attached to the dollar bill, and when you pull the ends of the bill, they link and jump from it. This is the routine you’ll want to follow in order to successfully perform this trick.

Step One

Grab the dollar bill and form it into an “S” shape. So, from a bird’s eye view it would look like a letter S. Then you want to add the paper lips in such a way that they close the ends of the S together. So, for instance, you add one paper clip to attach the top of the S to the loop underneath it. Then one to attach the bottom of the S to the loop above it.

Step Two

This is where you need to be careful and have gentle hands. You’ve got to slowly pull the ends of the dollar bill outward so you’re turning the S shape back into a straight line again. The paper clips will make their way along the bill as you do this, and they will eventually meet in the middle and attach. They will link and jump from the bill onto the tabletop or floor.

Step Three

We spoke about a variation earlier involving a rubber band. This is useful if you want to stop your renegade paper clips from escaping! To achieve this, you need to attach paper clips to a rubber band then wrap the rubber band around the bill prior to attaching the clips. You must remember to make sure it’s a large enough rubber band that it can fit comfortably and hang freely around the bill.

So, now you’ve learned a really cool and crazy easy trick to impress friends and colleagues. Try it out right now; it works every time. And, here is a video below for you to see the trick in action!

Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCRRqPYIWsY