Jumping Ring Trick

by Sheridan Cole 544 views0

Tie three knots in a piece of rope and hold each end of the rope in each of your hands. Attach a wire coat hanger to the centre knot. Say a magic word and, as you do, the hanger will miraculously move from the centre knot to the knot on the right.

So how is this possibly done? You need to use a strong piece of rope about a 1/4 inch in width. Now, instead of tying three knots, actually tie four- we will name them A, B, C and D. C is the “middle” know that the hanger will be attached to, whilst knot A is what is called a “slip” knot. This means that whilst it looks like the other knots, when both ends of the rope are pulled simultaneously, it comes undone.
So when beginning the trick, cover knot D with your hand, so that it looks as though there are just three knots on the rope. Say something similar to “Here are three knots, one of which has a coat hanger attached. Watch it jump from one knot to another…alacazam!”
Then do two bits. Firstly, pull the rope with both hands. The slip knot comes undone and it looks as though the coat hanger has genuinely jumped from one knot to another. Secondly, make sure you pull the rope hard enough with your left hand for the hidden knot D to become revealed. This is the only way that the hanger will look as though its moved, so these two steps must be done simultaneously and quickly!