Levitating Matchbox

by Sheridan Cole 3,814 views0

This trick leaves your audience in awe of your skills as you appear to make a matchbox stand in the palm of your hand all by itself. All you need for this is a captivated audience and a box of matches.

Place a matchbox in the palm of your outstretched hand for your audience to see. However, what you don’t  want your audience to see is that you’ve left the matchbox slightly open. This is all down to your own skills in subtlety and discretion so you may want to practice your angles at home before you perform this trick!

Next, look as though you’re adjusting the position of the matchbox in your hand, preparing it for the trick. What you’re actually doing is closing the matchbox and catching a fold of your skin inside of it as you do so. This fold of skin will be what makes the trick work.

Finally, wave your hands mysteriously over the matchbox like a magician does in his tricks, and at the same time, fold over the fingers on the hand that is holding the matchbox to create a fist like shape. Doing this will stretch the skin that is caught in the draw of the matchbox and will force it to stand up with the strain of the movement- but to your spellbound audience it will look just like magic!