Money Count Down

by Sheridan Cole 1,119 views0

This is a great game to play in a bar and gives you something to do with your loose change. It’s much less messy than playing their likes of Touch Cup as well! For this game, you will need a selection of 20 coins. And, in the interests of ease and aesthetics try to make sure they’re the same coins, like pennies.

With this one, you’re going to toss the coins onto the table and challenge the spectator to a game. The rules are that you take turns removing one, two, or three coins. The person who takes the last set of coins is the winner, and you can decide what’s at stake. The wonderful thing about this trick is that you will win every single time. Read on to find out more.

Step One

Okay, now the trick here (get it?) is that the spectator must ALWAYS go first. Every time. Non-negotiable. And, they may take however many coins they wish up to three. Then, on your turn, you remove the remainder to make up to four coins. Every turn. So, for instance, if the spectator takes two coins on their turn, you will remove two coins. If they take three, you take one, and if they take one you take three.

Step Two

By keeping it at four coins every round, it is simple mathematics that on the last go there will be four coins left. So, whatever number the spectator removes you will always end up going last and winning. Of course, the trick is you always have to ensure that they go first; otherwise you can’t guarantee a win.

Step Three

Of course, you might be able to win even if you go first, as long as they don’t know the game. But, to get it right always make sure you choose the amount of coins that will combined with theirs, add up to four. This is a cool trick to make little wagers with or to occupy a bit of time. People will be amazed at your ability to win every time, and they won’t even know why!