Paper Money Trick

by Sheridan Cole 4,717 views0

This trick is a simple card trick, with the aim of transforming pieces of plain paper into monetary notes right before the eyes of your audience. Okay, so it’s not real money that you could spend on the slots but it’s impressive nonetheless. For this trick you will need some blank pieces of white paper cut to the same size as monetary notes- go for about five pieces. You will then also need five notes.

To prepare for the trick, create your “blank notes” and then create an extra one, a sixth one. This one will then have a monetary note folded in half and glued to the sixth blank note by it’s fold. This should make one side of it a blank note and one side a monetary note. You then need to make a booklet of sorts, placing all the monetary notes on the side the note is stuck on and all of your plain paper on the side of the plain paper. This should then create one double sided pile- when shown one way it looks like a pile of paper, when shown the other it looks like a pile of cash.

Where the first monetary note was half glued to the white paper, fold all of the notes down, leaving the white paper as is. This conceals the money and when shown to your audience looks like five white pieces of paper. Then, wave your hands in a magician-esque way and turn the paper over, folding the paper down and straightening out the monetary notes, showing these to the audience. They will now believe that you have turned five pieces of paper into five bank notes- amazing.