Passing a Glass Through a Playing Card

by Sheridan Cole 739 views0

It’s great to have some card tricks you can pull out at a party or in a bar. And, one of the coolest ones to learn is the trick of passing a glass through a playing card. This is one of those where there is no illusion or misdirection. It just involves you getting a bit cute and clever! It’s a great trick to add to your repertoire, and we’re going to examine how it’s done now.

Step One

Make the bet with a friend (or stranger!) by telling them you can make a hole in the card and pass a glass (or bottle) right through it. They will, of course, be sceptical, but they’ll be intrigued enough to take you up on it.

Step Two

You’ll need some scissors, so remember that going in. Now, what you’re going to do is take the card, fold it in half lengthways, and start making cuts. It’s a little tricky to explain exactly the cutting process, but basically, you’re going to make alternating cuts. Start at each end, and make sure the end cuts start at the fold of the card towards the edge. Then carefully make alternating cuts along the card, being careful not to cut into another section.

Step Three

Once you’ve made the cuts you want to unfold the card and lay it flat on the table. Then cut down the middle of the card lengthways. Not end to end! Make sure you do it from the first cuts you made at each end. Don’t cut the card in half or you will be left red-faced and you may owe someone a drink!

Step Four

Now, when you open it up, your card should now look a bit like some of that bunting your mum sometimes makes. It will open into a chain or necklace shape, and you’ll be able to expand it and pass a glass, or bottle, right through it. Pull it open, being careful not to tear it, until you can comfortably fit the glass through. And hey presto, you’ve done it!

The great thing about this trick is that it doesn’t necessarily involve much knowledge of tricks. There is no sleight of hand or illusion involved. You successfully did what you said you would. Remember, you stipulated nothing about not being able to cut up the card?!