Penetrating Ash Trick

by Sheridan Cole 1,607 views0

This simple trick requires one small step of preparation- putting some ash on your middle finger. The idea of the trick is that you take a cigarette and rub some of the ashes onto the clenched fist of an audience participant until they disappear. You then open their fist for them to find the ash has sunk through their hand to their palm!

So, how is this done? Ask an audience participant to stand in front of you with their arms outstretched, palms facing down. Grab their hands and tell them they aren’t standing close enough and physically pull them towards you- this is the key moment in the trick, because it’s at this point that you rub your middle finger against the palm of the participants hand, transferring the ash onto their skin. Ask them to close their fist, and then put some ash from a cigarette onto the top of their hand. Rub the ash away as though you are transferring it into their skin- if you want a greater affect you could even say a magic word! Then ask them to open their hand- they will see the ash you secretly rubbed onto their palm and believe you’ve made ash transfer through their hand from one side to the other!