Pull a Coin Through a Table – Win Free Drinks!

by Sheridan Cole 3,239 views0

This trick is one based on your acting skills and how believable you can be.

For this trick you will need a frosted glass and two coins that are identical. Keep one coin in your hand or pocket and place the other on a table, underneath the glass. Then, bet your friends that you can remove the coin from under the glass without touching the glass. Your friends, of course, will expect you to fail, and will hopefully bet that you can’t so that you can prove them wrong! Once the bet has been made, make a big deal of placing your hand under the table and pulling your arm around, making some strained noises and like you’re putting a lot of effort into getting the coin out from under the glass via underneath the table. Then, after a minute or so shout “ta dah!” and show them the identical coin you had hidden in your hand the whole time!

Of course your audience will not believe that you were able to pull the coin through the table and will lift the cup up to see if the original coin is still there- which of course it is. When they lift the cup up, swiftly grab the coin from the table and say “See! I told you I could get the coin without touching the cup” and that is exactly what you will have done! Expect to win yourself a lot of free drinks with this one. There is another variation of this trick where instead of pulling a coin through a table, you pull it through a glass cup. This involves less tricking your friends and more sleight of hand skill, so we recommend practising it a lot first!