Rattle Snake Trick

by Sheridan Cole 1,290 views0

This is a bet you can never lose. Your opponent will always get it wrong, no matter how hard they try! For this trick, you simply need two match boxes.

Show the two match boxes to your friend. They will see that one is clearly full of matches and one is clearly empty. Close the boxes and slide them back and forth on the table. Ask your friend to point to the empty box. Pick up the box that your friend chooses, shake it around and you will hear the matches rattling around – your friend has made the wrong choice!

So how can you successfully pull this trick off? Well, in actual fact you need three boxes of matches, not two, and a rubber band. Empty out the matches from one of the boxes. This is your empty box. Take another box of matches and attach it to your arm with the rubber band. Then, cover this arm with your sleeve. The key to making this trick work is making sure to pick up the box of matches your friend chooses with the arm that has the matches secretly attached to it! Then, even when your friend picks the empty box, when you shake it, the box attached to your arms will make a full box of matches noise and you will appear to win every time!