Sliced Banana Trick

by Sheridan Cole 651 views0

We’ve all got that one friend who is constantly performing and showcasing bar bets. These are a wonderful way of having a fun wager, and possibly getting a couple of free drinks in the process. You might not have attempted any bar tricks or bets before, but that’s probably because you might not know any. Well, all that is about to change, and you’re about to transform your life with our help!

This is a bar bet trick known as the Sliced Banana Trick, and it’s very simple, yet highly effective. With our help, by the end of this, you should be able to make a pre-sliced banana without even peeling it first. You can wow kids and adults alike with this awesome trick that is wonderfully easy to learn and execute, read on to find out more.

You only need three things in order to carry out this trick: a banana, a needle (sewing, not hypodermic), and a bit of dexterity. It really is so simple to do this, but, you might have to practice a few times to make sure you get it right, and that the end product is exactly what you want.

Grab the banana and look for the natural lines that form vertically down the skin. This is going to be the line you’re working on, so you need to remember that. Now it’s time to get started, so you need to get your needle and poke a hole in the top of the banana where the line is. Make sure you don’t push it all the way through and out the other side, but you need to make sure it is actually all the way in.

While the needle is in here, you have to move it back and forth as though you were trying to loosen something that had got stuck. It might not seem like it, but the action of doing this is actually slicing the fruit on the inside!

Once you’ve done this, you pull the needle out, move it down half an inch to an inch, and repeat the same technique. Once you’ve done that you repeat until you have worked your way down the entire banana. Remember that you will be able to make out the holes in the skin of the banana. So, if you are showing it to someone, you may want to make sure you turn it around, so the holes aren’t visible.

When you peel the skin, you should find that you now have a pre-sliced banana. This is such a cool and efficient trick, and the perfect thing to pull out at family events or parties. You might even try to use it in the pub in order to get a couple of free drinks off impressed punters.