Super Mind Reading

by Sheridan Cole 1,842 views0

Mind Mimic

In this trick, you will select somebody from the audience at random and ask them a range of personal questions. They must write their answers on pieces of paper without letting you see and then put their paper with their answers on into a glass. Whilst the audience participant does this, you must sit and act as though you’re concentrating extremely hard and writing your guesses to the answers on separate pieces of paper. You too then need to put your papers in the same glass as the participant did. When the two pieces of paper are compared, the answers will be exactly the same.

So how is it done? Well, you actually have to write your answers one question behind the question you’re currently asking.

So, you know the questions that you’re going to be asking. If you make your last one “name a vegetable”, the most likely answer will be “carrot”. Therefore you can write carrot- the last question that will be answered- on your paper whilst the participant is writing their first answer. This will allow you to write down each answer as the participant reveals it, because they will believe that you have already written it down.

Even if your participant does not guess ‘carrot’ to ‘name a vegetable’ you will still get all of the other answers to match and will therefore still wow your audience.

Telepathic Telephone Directory

Ask a random member of the audience to pick a three digit number. They must must write it down on a piece of paper. Ask a second audience member to make a certain calculation with the numbers and to share the result with the rest of the audience and yourself. Ask the second participant to use a phone book and pick a page and a name on that page in accordance with the result of the calculation, and to keep that name to themselves and concentrate on nothing but the name. Stand in front of the participant and concentrate deeply for a few seconds and then share with the audience the name the participant has been thinking- you will, of course, have the right name!

So, how do you go about doing this? Prior to performing the trick you need to do some preparation. Turn to page 108 of the phone book and select the ninth name on the list. Write the selected name on a piece of paper and put this into a sealed envelope. Go through with the audience participation until you get to the calculation stage. The calculation is very key- ask the participant to reverse the number and subtract the lower number from the larger one. For example, if the selected number was 653, reversed this is 356. The sum would be 653-356= 297

Ask the participant to then take the result and do the same again- reverse it (297 becomes 792) and add the two together (1089). (Note: If after the initial subtraction the number left is a two digit number you must put a 0 in front, so 85 would become 085 for example).

Now ask the participant to use the total from the second calculation (1089) to find a page (108) and a name (the 9th one on the list). That way you will know the name that the participant has chosen and will appear to be reading the mind of the participant! Magic.