The Circus Trick

by Sheridan Cole 1,240 views0

It might seem strange that a card trick is known as the Circus Trick, but that’s exactly you what this one is called. In fact, this trick is also sometimes called the Sucker Trick as well. This is a trick that should be used with caution because it involves making an idiot of your audience. Probably not advisable to try it on the random stranger in the pub. But it would certainly be brilliant for a bit of banter with friends.

The great thing about this trick is that it has an amusing and kind of annoying pay-off. It can be used to aggravate friends and family. It also involves little knowledge of card tricks at all! Perfect for beginners.

Step One

All you’ll need for this trick is a deck of cards, well shuffled of course! Make sure you know what the bottom card of the deck is. In this case, let’s suppose it’s the Ace of Spades. You might have to do this surreptitiously. Now, get your spectator/friend to select a card from the deck you offer to them. For the sake of explaining the trick, we’ll say they choose the 8 of hearts.

Step Two

Make sure they return their card to the deck and then place the bottom half of the deck on top of the card. You’ll remember the Ace of Spades is on the bottom. So, this card is going to come up later, just before your friend’s card, when you deal.

Step Three

Okay, now you start dealing the cards from the top of the deck. Make sure they are displayed face up on the table. Remember to look out for the Ace of Spades, as you’ll know your friend’s card is up next. Deal their card onto the table so it’s now the most recent one you’ve put down. And here is where you get clever.

Step Four

Now you will confidently declare ‘The next card I flip over will be your card’. Your friend will think they’ve got you because their card is already on the table. So, what you now do, instead of dealing another card, you reach down, grab your friends card (8 of hearts) on the table, and turn it over.

This is going to illicit a number of responses from the group. You can feel all smug about the fact that you’ve just tricked your friend. They may feel amused and a little annoyed. But it is definitely a fun trick, especially if you and your friend are having some beers.

Check out this video to learn the Circus Trick –