The Coin Pyramid Puzzle

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This is the perfect trick for you and your friends or family. It’s the kind of thing that would be great to try out at Christmas time before dinner! All you need to be able to do this trick is ten coins. The basic goal is to completely invert the pyramid in three moves.  And you can only move one coin at a time.

It’s a great trick because, again, it doesn’t involve any magic or illusion. You simply need a bit of lateral thinking. So, how do you perfect this in order to show your friends? Well, just follow these instructions and you’ll have the answer in no time.

Step One

Lay out the ten coins in a pyramid on the table or floor in front of you. It should start with one at the top, two underneath that, then three, and then four. So it will look like a triangle. You then challenge the room to reverse the triangle using just three moves, and only moving one coin at once.

Step Two

Some of the people there might be aware of this trick already. And, even if they aren’t, a couple may get it. But, a lot of the time people won’t, and they will be pretty impressed when you show them right away. So, how DO you do it? Well, step three will reveal all.

Step Three

The first thing you’re going to do is move the top coin at the point of the triangle. You’re going to move it all the way round to the bottom. Make sure it nestles against the middle two coins on the bottom row of four. You can sort of see it beginning to take shape already, right?!

Step Four

Now you want to take the coin on the bottom right of the bottom row, and you’re going to move it up and put it next to coins two and three, on the right-hand side. Then you’ll take the bottom left coin from the bottom row, and move it up to the same row on the left-hand side. And there we have it, a reverse pyramid, in exactly three moves!

If you want to witness this trick being carried out you can view the video link at the bottom here. This is a quick, easy, and fun trick for any budding magician or someone who likes puzzles!


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