The Dropping Bill Bar Bet

by Sheridan Cole 1,583 views0

There are certain tricks that are timeless. Things that seem to have been around for years. Nobody’s quite sure who invented them, but it’s clear they’ve been around forever. Well, the bill drop trick is one that would most certainly fall into this category. For this trick you just need a bill; a dollar in the states, perhaps a five-pound note if you’re in the UK.

You’ll ask the participant to grab the bill before it falls out of reach. Sounds easy, right? Well, you ask them to hold their thumb and forefinger apart, and you hold the bill in between. Then you challenge them to grasp it when you let go before it falls to the ground. This is a wager you can’t lose, and the participant will not be able to grab the bill. How you ask?

Step One

Okay, so here’s the setup. Ask the participant, friend, stranger, whatever, to rest their hand on the edge of the table or bar top. They will need to hold their finger and thumb apart too, ready to catch. Now, the important thing to remember here is that their hand has to remain stationary. The table or bar top is integral to this trick, as they will restrict the subject being able to move with the bill and catch it.

Step Two

Hold the bill vertically so its top and bottom are the short edges. Now, move it into place. The secret here is to make sure the middle of the bill is in line with the subject’s thumb and finger. Then you tell them that you’re going to drop the bill at some point and that they have to catch it. They might try to jump the gun and grab it right away. Remind them they have to keep their thumb and finger apart. And they have to wait until you drop the bill, or the bet is null and void!

Step Three

So now it’s time for the execution; you simply release the bill and let it drop. Now, because of physics, and the fact that their hand is rested on the table, it’s going to be almost impossible for them to catch it. By the time they sense the drop and close fingers the note will have fallen. The only thing you need to watch out for is that they don’t know when you’re going to drop the note. If they can predict is then they’ll be able to catch it. So make sure you don’t make it obvious when you’re going to do it.

And there you have it; you can make plenty of wagers off this trick. And you should win all of them, if not most of them.