The Hat Trick

by Sheridan Cole 967 views0

As bar bets go The Hat Trick is one of the oldest and best. It’s a trick that involves you betting a buddy or spectator that you can drink a drink while it’s underneath a hat. But, and here’s the kicker, without touching the hat! Physically impossible right? Well, strictly speaking, no. Speed is of the essence with this trick, as you will soon discover.

Now, of course, you’re going to need to be wearing a hat in order to achieve this. A baseball cap isn’t ideal either. It should be more like a trilby or fedora to get the best possible outcome. Here are a few steps you will need to carry out when you’re performing the trick.

Step One

First things first, the idea is to start with a drink already on the table. Now, this isn’t going to work with a pint glass or a wine glass. It has to be a short glass, so something like a glass of whisky would be ideal. You might want to buy a fresh drink to perform the trick with, or someone may offer you one.

Step Two

Now you have the drink on the bar top or the table. Cover the drink with your hat and tell the person that you can consume the drink while it’s under the hat, but without touching the hat!

Step Three

Again, this is a dumb trick, with a silly payoff, but it’s fun and amusing. And technically you’ve accomplished it. What you’ll do is duck under the bar or table for a couple of seconds. Re-emerge and tell the person you’re done and motion to the hat. They will pick it up revealing the full glass. It’s then that you will grab the glass and drink its contents.

Step Four

As you can see, you have successfully completed the hat trick. You’ve consumed the drink without touching the hat. And you’ve tricked the spectator into helping you. You are naughty! This is a fun trick to play though it might be best suited to people you know.

Check out this video in which actors illustrate how to pull off the hat trick when you’re in a bar.