The Rising Ring Magic Trick

by Sheridan Cole 1,852 views0

‘It’s a kind of magic,’ Queen once sang, and now you can show off magic of your own. There were so many cool tricks and illusions you can learn from a young age, and it’s a cool way of impressing people. We like the idea that magic tricks generate wonder and excitement, and they get kids interested in things that don’t involve a screen.

In fact, you could teach your kids some tricks without much difficulty. One of the classic and beloved magic tricks out there is one known as the Rising Ring Trick. We think this is incredibly simple, and it could probably be learned in an afternoon. We’re going to teach you the basics, and after that, it’s just practice, practice, practice.

The idea of this trick is that you will thread the ring onto the rubber band, and it will mysteriously rise of its own volition. There are three basic steps here you need to master:

Step One

Make sure you have the essential equipment to be able to do this trick, i.e. a rubber band, and a ring. There’s not a lot of preparation involved here, and that’s a good thing, but you might decide you want to practice a little yourself before you get started. Take the rubber band and cut it so that it is a single length, and you’re ready to perform the trick.

Step Two

Start by threading the ring onto the length of rubber band as though you’re threading string onto a massive needle eye. Now, the secret to this trick lies in the way you hold the rubber band, and that’s important to remember. As you grip the rubber band, you need to make sure you scoop some of it into the hand the ring is moving away from.

Step Three

Here’s where the magic come in; you have to pull the band tight and rotate it at an incline. M are sure the ring is resting against the lower trajectory of the band. You have to pull it tight and release the length of band you scooped in your hand gently. What will happen here is the band will be moving and rising itself to a taut position. But it will make the ring look as though it is climbing upwards. Pretty awesome right?!