Thirty-Five Cent Solution

by Sheridan Cole 605 views0

Imagine this scenario: you’ve gone out for the evening, and the only cash you’ve got on you is thirty-five cents. That’s not going to get you very far. Well, it wouldn’t get most people very far but actually, because you’ve got an arsenal of bar bet tricks up your sleeve it could, in fact, get you plenty.


All you need is someone to bet with.


And thirty-five cents.


The key here is to keep as straight a face as possible – you don’t want to give anything away. Tell your victim that you’ve got two coins clenched in your palm, and that those two coins add up to thirty-five cents. However, the important part to remember is to say that one of those coins is not a dime. So, your victim needs to try to work out what on earth those coins could possibly be.


It’s a tough one.


They’ll probably give up and buy you a drink.


But the solution is actually incredibly simple.


When the time is right, open your hand to reveal the answer – you’ve got a quarter and a dime in your palm.


Hey! You told your victim that one of the coins wasn’t a dime! Did you just lie?


No way! One of the coins isn’t a dime; it’s a quarter. You never said anything about the other coin now, did you?