Turn Water into Ice Trick

by Sheridan Cole 2,096 views0

Picture those hot summer days where you and your friends are sat around BBQing and making merry. Now, imagine you run out of ice halfway through the day! You still have drinks to keep cool, and nobody wants to brave a toffee apple cider without the ice! So, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could present your friends with instant ice using simply water?!

Jesus Christ turned water into wine, and, while we aren’t quite on that level yet, we can teach you to turn water into the next best thing – ice! The first thing you need to do is pick up some bottles of water from the supermarket. Get the smaller ones, try to avoid anything over 500ml for the sake of ease. Then you need to take these bottles and put them in the freezer. The more bottles you have, the easier it will be to carry out this miracle trick!

Make sure your freezer is set at the right temperature, we recommend the dial being at around the number 5, approximately -24 degrees Celsius. Let the bottles sit at room temperature overnight, then lie them in the freezer with a little space between them.

Now it’s time to close the door and keep your eye on the time. Once an hour and a half has gone, you should start to notice results. You might even find the bottles have frozen by that point. If they haven’t, it’s time to close that freezer door again, and check on them every 10 minutes or so. It might take a while, and we found that some bottles took longer than others.

What you want is that perfect balance where the bottle has started to freeze but isn’t quite frozen solid just yet – you will see some ice crystals in the bottle. This is where the magic can really start, and you should take out the bottle. These bottles of water are well below freezing, but they need a trigger to set them off. That’s why if you hit the bottle at the top you should see it begin to freeze, and the ice spread through it.

This looks awesome, and makes you feel like you have special powers as well! You will have instant ice in just a couple of hours, and you’ll impress everyone there. You can also use a piece of ice and pour some of the water over the top, and it will build an awesome ice sculpture or snow cone. Then there is no end to what you can do with drinks and booze. You’re welcome!